April 22, 2005
Avalon's birthday in the hospital
Continued yet again...
Several weeks before Avalon's
birthday, we invited people who visit
this website to join us for a
Card Party
for Avalon.

The day before her birthday (mere
hours before she was admitted to the
hospital), the friend who collected the
cards - delivered them.  Avalon was
able to spend her birthday opening her
cards, letters and pictures that people
had sent her.

We hung every letter, every photo,
every card, and every work of art in
her hospital room.  The picture at the
left, and down below is of the back of
Avalon's "front door".  
Avalon received nearly 3 dozen birthday "cards".  Some
were actual cards, but some were letters, pictures and
artwork.  All together, they made our room
The nurses and doctors couldn't stop commenting on the
room, they said it was the best room they'd ever seen...
Spongebob, Patrick,
Squidward, Dora and Boots
pictures by Avalon's big
sisters:  Aurora (10) and
Ambrosia (3).
Avalon loves opening cards!  She "reads" them, hugs them, and carries them around.  You can
see she's a huge sticker fan too.
Avalon loves her e-cards too.  She received a whopping 7 dozen birthday e-cards!!  Lots of
them had pictures of cats and dogs, kids, and people she loves.  She looked at every single
one, and liked to point out favorites to visiting staff members.  
I'm telling you...our room became quite a conversation item!
The card wall.  This was taken on her actual birthday.  By the end of our stay, we had added
another row to the top and bottom, and filled in under the poster.
This was Avalon's bathroom door and the small wall next to it. In this room, the bathroom door
was directly across from the couch wall you will see below.  The window was on the wall that
was between them.  Each of our rooms have had very different layouts.   
The art gallery on the left is the wall above the couch.  How lucky are we to have such
talented friends?  The cards on the right are from the card party.  
Some of our e-family sent
letters, artwork and
pictures.  We love them!  
Its so wonderful to meet
the people who are helping
us heal Avalon.  We invite
anyone reading this to
contact us - we'd love to
meet you!!
Our Journey:
Avalon's Army of Angels